Her Six Limited Edition Collectors' Books

Featuring Fierce Mountain Men Carving Trails West &

Outrageous Stampedes Into The Gold & Silver Strikes

With Miners, Entertainers, Madams, Outlaws, And Gamblers

Desperately Seeking Gold With A Card's Flip Or Under The Next Rock!

Readers gasp, "It's Like Being There!"

"...a great read that literally kidnaps you."  Ray Glazner, Historian/Educator.

Penned with her husband, Gary H. Wiles, the books present historically accurate people, locations and adventures spiced with dialogue based on newspapers, journals and diaries.



PONDER THE PATH [1808 -1830] is the stirring true account of how Bill Sublette was inspired as a boy by his grandfather to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Toughened by his boyhood on the frontier and service as Constable One Punch in Missouri, Bill's lured away by the fur trade's riches. After dragging drunks from brothels and grogshops for General Ashley's expedition, Bill keelboats up the Missouri to meet legendary Mountain Men Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger, James Clyman, Tom Fitzpatrick, Moses Black Harris and legions of others. In mountains so beautiful men will die just to be there, they battle arctic cold, bad whiskey, grizzlies, Indians and each other for fur fortunes that often turn to a shallow grave. This epic ends with Bill's astounding Oregon Trail feat headlining newspapers across the nation in 1830. Muzzleloader magazine says, "Ponder The Path is inspiring, informative and just plain good reading."

PONDER THE PATH [1808-1830] [Revised 2nd Edition] ISBN 1-889252-02-6, a 6x9 Trade Paperback; 279 Pages; Map of Fur Country; 159 Volume Bibliography; 6 Page Index with Identifying Data. Considered for the Golden Spur and Francis Parkman Awards.

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Read Chapter 6 JACKSON'S THUNDER..  Read Chapter 18 SOUTH PASS AND BACK.


BEHOLD THE SHINING MOUNTAINS [1830-1836] the freestanding sequel to PONDER THE PATH, weaves the Mountain Men, a Rogue Scottish Nobleman and the Missionaries into a fiery tapestry. Bill Sublette and Jedediah Smith lead a Santa Fe Trail expedition that only one of them will survive. While cholera empties New York City's streets except for pigs eating the corpses and garbage, upstate New Yorkers Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Prentiss beg the American Board of Foreign Mission to let them minister to the heathen Indians thousands of miles to the West. Fleeing from debtor's prison in Scotland, nobleman Captain William Drummond Stewart lands in New York amid cholera's chaos and soon rides west searching for Bill Sublette. Captain Stewart savors America's wilderness and the wild Mountain Rendezvous where rabid wolves turn some men mad under the blood moon. Backwoodsman Bill Sublette trades economic gut punches with America's richest monopolists in their New York City boardroom before hoodlums come for Bill in the dark. Narcissa matures into a chemistry professor with red-gold hair, a clarion soprano voice and guts every man envies. She heads for the Rockies with a husband she's known 20 minutes before his proposal and a spurned suitor, who grates, "I will hate you till you die!"

"A welcome change from dry history," writes Chuck Hamsa, Collection Bibliographer for Dupre Library at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

BEHOLD THE SHINING MOUNTAINS [1830-1836] ISBN 1-889252-00-X, a 6x9 Trade Paperback; 334 Pages; 3 Maps [Fur Country, 1830 New York & Eastern U.S]; 223 Volume Bibliography; 7 Page Index with Identifying Data. Considered for the Pulitzer Prize in U.S. History in 1996.

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Read Chapter 2 By The Grace of God and a Mountain Man

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TRAILS OF THE WHITE SAVAGES [1813-1836] reveals how the Irish rebellion burning to this day was ignited by one divorce in 1533. This epic tells the true tale of the Scotch-Irish coming to America and being branded "White Savages" by Ben Franklin. White Savage progeny Sam Houston, David Crockett and Joseph Walker battle the Creek Nation under kinsman General Andrew Jackson in the bloody War of 1812. With Crockett and Joel Walker in his command, General Jackson conquers Florida only to face a Congressional lynch mob. Badly wounded in the battle of Horseshoe Bend, Sam Houston wins General Jackson's admiration before rising to Tennessee's state house. After marrying a firebrand girl, whose desertion topples him as Governor, Houston heads west and finds lovely Tiana in Oklahoma Territory. Crockett becomes a Judge before he can read, then gets himself elected to Congress. The Walker Clan settles in Missouri and produces the most astonishing lawman ever to tame the wildest town on a frontier. The Santa Fe Trail, Old Spanish Trail and California Emigrant Trail are blazed by Walker, White Savages Ewing Young and Kit Carson. Houston and Crockett will fight gallantly in the hopeless battles for Texas independence. "This book should be required reading for everyone interested in the history of our country." Ray Glazner, Historian, and National Museum Consultant.

TRAILS OF THE WHITE SAVAGES [1813-1836] ISBN 1-889252-03-4 6x9, a 6x9 Trade Paperback; 352 Pages; 16 Pinpoint Action Maps; 11 Black & White Portraits; 169 Reference Bibliography; 8 Page Index of Persons & Places with Identifying Data including dates & places of birth of all central figures and admission dates of all states mentioned. Considered for the Pulitzer Prize in U.S. History and the Bancroft History Award.

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Read Chapter 45 ICE, WONDERS & SKYFIRE


 Now listen to audiostageplaysÔ performed by the authors taken from Ponder The Path, Behold The Shining Mountains & Trails Of The White Savages. Eight albums are available. Each album contains 3 audio cassettes with 4+ hours of high action entertainment, actual sound effects and music of the period. Audiostageplays




THE BLACKJACK QUEEN, CUTTHROATS AND GOOD TIME GIRLS OF THE GOLD RUSH [1849-1859] "GOLD EVERYWHERE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BEND OVER AND PICK IT UP" resounded in 1800s' newspapers, skyrocketing word of California's gold discoveries around the globe. Goldseekers flooded the golden state followed by those struggling to pluck the miners' new-found wealth: Meet Handsome Horse Thief, Cherokee Bob; Stagecoach Robber, Tom Bell, Rattlesnake Dick, Grant, Sherman, and Lawman Henry Plummer, (was he Sheriff or Outlaw?) Pursue Elegant Madam, Belle Cora; Madame Moustache; Twirling Lotta Crabtree; Spider-Stomping/Swinging Lola Montez, and the illusive, infamous lady known as "The Blackjack Queen."

240 pages. 3 Maps. 65 Illustrations. Chron in Table of Contents. Time frame atop each page. Dialogue is from Diaries, Letters etc. 85 Reference Biblio. Research Notes with pages used from each reference. 6,747 Word Index on 182 People, Itemized Data on Central Figures and 15 States with Union Admission Dates. Nominated for Pulitzer Prize in U.S. History

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FEMMES FATALES, GAMBLERS, YANKEES AND REBELS IN THE GOLD FIELDS [1859-1869] Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and Montana strikes slam The Blackjack Queen survivors and wild-eyed adventurers into their intoxicating bonanzas. Fight alongside Flamboyant Bill Hickok, Ride Pony Express with young [Buffalo] Bill Cody, and cringe as Jack Slade vows to wear Jules Beni's ears on his watch chain. Instigate attacks with Northern/Southern Civil War sympathizers across the West. Rip up rails with Sherman, then lay them, building The Transcontinental Railroad. Entertain Rail Crews with Calamity Jane, Madame Moustache and her "wagon load of girls." Mingle with Femmes Fatales Belle Siddons, Bet Van Lew and Rose Greenhow risking death and hanging spying for Civil War Generals.

360 pages. 10 full page Maps. 123 Illustrations. Chron in Table of Cont. Time frame atop each page. Dialogue is from Diaries, Letters etc. 157 Reference Biblio.. Research Notes with pages from each reference.. 8,450 word Index on 547 Per- sons. Itemized Data on Central Figures, 32 States & Union Admission Dates. Nominated for Pulitzer Prize, Bancroft & Miles History Awards

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BOLD WOMEN, COLD GOLD, HARD MEN & HOT LEAD [1869-1879] The Blackjack Queen and Femmes Fatales' survivors storm the Black Hills, Colorado and California mining camps racing after each new strike to get rich, or die. Wrangle cattle through dust, vermin and floods from Texas to Silver City mines. Shuffle the deck with Hickok. Plunder Deadwood to Cheyenne stagecoach gold shipments with Archie Cummings using Femmes Fatales' spy Belle Siddons' secret notes. Out-guess Custer at the Bighorn. Discover what "Old Friend" will be missing in Bodie. Fire the first pistol in an explosive duel between Bold Women Mattie Silks and Kate Fulton, battling over "their" lover, a dandy footracer in pink tights.

312 pages. 11 Maps. 143 Illustrations. Chron in Table of Cont.. Time frame atop each page. Dialogue from Diaries, Letters, etc. 133 Ref Biblio. Research Notes with pages from each reference support every Chapter. 7,830 word Index on 409 Real People and 11 Indian Nations with Itemized Data on Central Figures & 33 States listing Union Admission Dates. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in U.S. History and a Finalist in the Best Book Award in History.

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Read Chapter 50 DAKOTA SPY



  PLEASE NOTE: Our books have no profanity nor explicit sex. Although these books are written for adults, they are suitable for young-adult, general and collegiate readers.

"Hear" our forefathers speak in their own words and see insightful quotes that let you right into their minds and hearts. Dialogue is based on journals, diaries, newspapers and National Archive and court documents. A total of 926 references were read and annotated to produce our six books. Read Captain Bonneville's letters that prove he was spying in the West, not fur trapping. Read Davy Crockett's last words as he wrote them in his journal at the Alamo. Enjoy Libbie Custer's descriptive words of her love affair and, then, devastating loss of her dear husband, George Armstrong Custer.

A Table of Contents Chronology previews every chapter's precise historical period, and a time frame sign post stands atop every page. Instead of the garden variety footnotes that confirm only a few propositions, our Gold Rush Trilogy features an innovative system invented by the authors that includes research notes with pages used from each and every reference supporting all portions of the text. See Bold Women, Cold Gold, Hard Men & Hot Lead [1869-1879] Bibliography Reference Key

Instead of focusing on one person, these books embroil famous and infamous contemporary figures together in the hard life and hot broth issues of their era. Learn how they knew each other and times when their paths crossed.


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