(With sound effects, music and dialogue based on journals, diaries and newspapers)



The audio cassette tape abridgments from our nonfiction books Ponder The Path, Behold The Shining Mountains and Trails of the White Savages are exciting, entertaining and historically accurate! Each album has the book's every word about the named American. Like PBS documentaries, dialogue from journals, letters and verified texts has legendary Americans talking in their own words. Recorded in Dolby Ò Stereo as AudioStagePlaysÔ with a different voice for every person by authors Gary Wiles and Delores Brown. In durable white vinyl albums, they feature sound effects and music of the early 1800s. These enchanting 4 1/2 hour presentations swirl you into the mists of history. They're the carefree way to explore America. This is history as it happensÔ , and you are in the patriotic thick of it!












In 1823 Bill Sublette, called "Constable One Punch" in St. Charles, Missouri, joined the legendary Mountain Men of his time trapping beaver in the wilderness. It was the beginning of 12 years of high adventure no one could ever have imagined! These fabled years were first enshrined in Ponder The Path and its sequel Behold The Shining Mountains, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in U.S, History. Now they're here in three epic albums in DolbyÒ stereo, spiced by sound effects and music of the era!




MOUNTAIN MEN [1823-1827]

Audio Abridgment #1 of Ponder The Path, the nonfiction Francis Parkman Award nominee. This first album of the Sublette Trilogy chronicles Bill's entry into western Indian Country where he traps with famous Mountain Men, kills a grizzly mauling Jedediah Smith, fights in the Arikara wars and buys a fur company. Like all our albums, it's an AudioStagePlayÔ with a different voice for each person. Source book reviewers say: "A rousing historical epic." L.A. Times."An accurate primer of the fur trade and Rendezvous era giving hours of enjoyment." Muzzle Blasts Magazine."Inspiring, informative and just plain good." Muzzleloader Magazine. ISBN 1-889252-09-3

3 stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in white vinyl album $19.95.....

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This second album of the Sublette Trilogy is the combined Audio Abridgment #2 of the last part of Ponder The Path with the first portion of its sequel Pulitzer Prize nominee Behold The Shining Mountains. Bill is first to take wagons on the Oregon Trail in 1830. In 1832 Bill takes wagons on the Santa Fe Trail even though his brother Milt is a fugitive wanted by the Mexican Government. Bill is wounded at the Battle of Pierre's Hole in Idaho. Behold source book reviewers say: "The highest possible recommendation!" Chuck Hamsa University of Southwestern Louisiana. "Vast research incorporated by great showmen into an opus many will devour with gusto!" Dr. Charles Hanson, Historian. [See the inside of this album on the back of this page.].......ISBN 1-889252-10-7

3 stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in white vinyl album $19.95

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The Sublette Trilogy's third album is Abridgment #3 from the last part of nonfiction Pulitzer Prize nominee Behold The Shining Mountains. What happens when backwoodsman Bill Sublette stops battling Indians, rival fur companies and his brother Milt to start a hopeless money war with John Jacob Astor, the richest man in America? It begins with Bill building a dozen forts on the Upper Missouri River, rattles the Halls of Congress and ends in a showdown in Astor's luxurious New York City Board Room. ISBN 1-889252-11-5

3 stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in white vinyl album $19.95.

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Excerpted from Pulitzer Prize nominee Behold The Shining Mountains, this thrilling 4 1/2 hour nonfiction AudioStagePlayÔ is fascinating fare for young adult through collegiate or adult listeners. Recorded on three 90 minute audio tape cassettes in Dolby® Stereo with sound effects and music of the period, this album weaves the true stories of two missionary couples on a noble quest into a fiery tapestry with Mountain Men and Indians in the vast western wilderness of North America in the 1830s.

Like a PBS documentary, dialogue evolves from diaries, journals, autobiographies and National Archives documents that let you hear legendary people talking in their very own words.

Newly married Missionaries Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spalding are well educated at a time when women are deprived of higher learning. Both have wealthy New York parents who try to stop them from going 3,000 miles into the wilderness where no settler woman has ever set foot. Small frail Eliza is disinherited, but not dissuaded.

Will Missionary Dr. Marcus Whitman heal a rowdy band of 60 Mountain Men fatally stricken with Asiatic Cholera after they've rotten-egged and threatened to drown him for being a "Psalm Singer" who refuses to drink with them?

Will Narcissa Whitman find love in her marriage of convenience to a stranger on their honeymoon from Hell in the wilderness with her fuming former suitor?

Of the source book for First Women Over The Rockies, reviewers have said:

"Vast research incorporated by great showmen into an opus many will devour with gusto!" Dr. Charles Hanson, Historian.

"The authors bring the history and excitement of one of America's most important eras to life." Ray Glazner, Museum Consultant.

"I give this work the highest possible recommendation!" Chuck Hamsa, Collection Bibliographer, Library, University of Southwestern Louisiana. ISBN 1-889252-08-5

3 stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in white vinyl albums $19.95

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Next are our exciting new high action historical audio tape cassette audiobooks featuring abridgments from our nonfiction epic TRAILS OF THE WHITE SAVAGES nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in U.S. History and the Bancroft History Award. Branded "White Savages" by Ben Franklin, the Scotch-Irish were America's warriors and trailblazers of the early 1800s. Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, David Crockett, Joe Walker & others fought duels, wars & Indians. Rising from obscurity, the White Savages became our country's most powerful men. Recorded in Dolby Ò Stereo on three 90 minute audio tape cassettes, they're AudioStagePlaysÔ with a different voice for every person. They're spiced by sound effects and music of the early 1800s.


This Abridgment #1 stars Jackson & features Sam Houston, David Crockett, Joe Walker and others. General Jackson's shot down in his 1813 Nashville gunfight by 2 officers on his own staff. He rises from his "deathbed," has himself tied on his horse and rides south to avenge Alabama's Fort Mims massacre. Jackson fights the Creek War's battles in Alabama with Sam Houston and David Crockett. He conquers Spanish owned Florida [twice!]. His world altering triumph in the Battle of New Orleans propels him into his fiery Presidency. This album reveals Andy's abiding love for wife Rachel and his dozen pistol duels defending her honor, his efforts to buy Texas and his indomitable spirit. Jackson's words and writings provide insight into the mind and heart of this fervent patriot. This true story leaves no doubt that White Savage Andrew Jackson, though physically frail, was absolutely the fiercest man ever to occupy America's White House. Period songs used are listed with origin dates inside the front cover. Additional music research by Tennessee State Library & The Alamo's Daughters of The Republic of Texas Library. Harmonica played by Joe Bone, Crockett Cabin Curator, Rutherford, TN. ISBN 1-889252-04-2.

3 Stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] White vinyl album, 4 Hours 25 Min. $19.95


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This Abridgment # 2 stars Sam Houston and features Andrew Jackson, David Crockett and Joe Walker, all of whom soldiered in the Creek War together. Perhaps the War's greatest hero, Sam is being groomed by Jackson for the White House when his life falls apart. Appointed as a General without an Army in Texas, Sam orders the Alamo torched, but no one listens. Explore Sam's Tennessee childhood with the Cherokees. Relive Sam's 1814 heroics in Alabama's Creek War at Horseshoe Bend under General Andrew Jackson! Suffer Sam's wounds. Endure his surgeries. Join Sam in General Jackson's Staff at the Hermitage. Share Sam's efforts with Col. David Crockett to nominate Jackson for President. Soar with Sam, the hard drinking Governor of Tennessee, as he romances the fiery Eliza Allen into an explosive marriage. Flee Tennessee's riots with Sam to live among Oklahoma's Cherokees and court Tiana, the lovely daughter of Hellfire Jack Rogers. Battle Mexicans across Texas as American and Tejano rebels fight the 1835-6 War of Independence. Change world history at San Jacinto! Avenge the Alamo! Should he kill Mexican General Santa Anna who slaughtered all American prisoners? Battle maps of the Creek War and the Texas War of Independence are inside the album cover. ISBN 1-889252-05-0.

3 Stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] White vinyl album, 4 Hours 25 Min. $19.95

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This Abridgment #3 stars David Crockett and features Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston & Joe Walker all of whom David soldiered with in the Creek Indian War. Having become a famous Congressman, David leaves Tennessee to fight in the great Texas War of Independence. A new Prologue reveals Crockett's early years in Virginia and Tennessee, including marriage to lovely Irish Mary Finley. Ride with Tennessee's Mounted Gunmen in 1813 to avenge the massacre at Fort Mims, Alabama where Creeks brained babies on stockade walls. Fight under General Jackson, who inspires David's motto, "Be sure you're right, then go ahead." Battle in Alabama and Florida. Share David's grief when wife Mary dies, leaving him with 2 little boys & a baby girl. Attend his odd marriage to Elizabeth Patton, who aids his rise to Colonel, Judge, Tennessee Legislator and U.S. Congressman. Learn why David tells his constituents he's going to Texas and they can go to Hell! Meet the fascinating men Crockett enlists en route to Texas to fight bravely at the Alamo. A new Epilogue ends this stirring true tale. Battle maps of both the CreekWar of 1814 & Texas War of 1835 -36 are inside the front cover. ISBN 1-889252-06-9.

3 Stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in White vinyl album, run 4 Hours 18 Minutes. $19.95

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This Abridgment #4 stars Joe Walker and features Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, David Crockett and others. In 1813 the Creek Indians massacre all the American settlers in Alabama's Fort Mims, braining the babies on its stockade walls. Near Knoxville, Tennessee, teenagers Joe and Joel Walker beg their parents to fight the Indians in Alabama under the esteemed General Andrew Jackson. Both fight valiantly until the Creek Nation falls at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Back home, they find their father half-dead, their mother half-mad and the family farm ruined, all from Indian attacks. Migrating to Missouri, Joe is in the first trading expedition by mule train to Santa Fe and the first with wagons in 1822. Joe's first Sheriff of Independence, the Frontier's wildest town. At Fort Gibson, Oklahoma Joe & Capt.Benjamin Bonneville agree to explore the West. With Bonneville, Joe crosses Kansas and Nebraska into Wyoming, where they build Ft. Bonneville before mule packing into Idaho.In 1833, Bonneville reveals their secret mission before Joe heads for California. Joe fights in two Paiute battles in Nevada & opens the California Emigrant Trail. Alfred Jacob Miller's 1837 portrait of Joseph Walker is proudly displayed on the front cover of this album ISBN 1-889252-07-7

3 stereo audio tape cassettes [6 sides] in white vinyl album Runs 4 hours, 21 minutes $19.95

"TRAILS is entertaining, cleverly written & historically accurate." Dr. Fred Gowans, History Dept. Brigham Young University

"TRAILS should be required for anyone interested in the history of our country." Ray Glazner, Museum Consultant

"Entertaining with lively dialogue and plenty of action..." Joe N. Bone, Curator, Crockett Cabin, Rutherford, Tennessee

"TRAILS sweeps you into the minds & hearts of its people." Chuck Hamsa, Library, University of Southwestern Louisiana

"TRAILS is excellent, lively and well written with historically accurate content & verbally animated narrative. John T Powell,

Museum Director, Jefferson Davis College, Brewton, Alabama.

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